Home for now.

Margaret River. What a spot.

If you’ve ever visited, lived in, passed through or heard of Margaret River, you’ll understand its magic. A little slice of heaven in South West WA that is constantly buzzing with joy, natural beauty and stacks of adventure in every corner. The streets in town may be busy, but they’re alive. You have restaurants cooking local food, brewerys providing local beer, and stores supporting local designers and growers.

The 100s of wineries, ciderys, brewerys and cafes just outside of the main town are as much of a hype and well worth visiting. Do some research, pick the ones that are your “vibe” and go check them out! Our sneaky little fave is The Beer Farm, which I may have to do a full review on in the coming weeks. Great food, great atmosphere and great beer (or so I’m told, as I don’t drink alcohol!)

But beyond Margaret River, is a wee little spot on the map that in my opinion, is even more magical, more natural, and WAY less crowded. Karridale.

Karridale is about 30 minutes South of Margaret River, and at the moment, Karridale is home. Ben has owned a sweet little property here for over 6 years, that is nestled amongst the Karri Forest and only a 2 minute drive to pristine beaches. We’re surrounded by incredible native birdlife (which my camera loves), reefs to snorkel and dive, and it’s a super quiet, friendly community.

Before I share what “home” is currently, here’s a wee bit of background information as to how we ended up here at the moment. Ben and I met in the Kimberley region in early 2019 for a tourism gig in beautiful Kununurra. We share the same outlooks on life, the same desire to explore, both care about our impact on this planet, and fell in love with the stress-free, healthy environment we created when we were together.

Ben asked me if I wanted to travel around Australia with him, and the rest is history. We cruised down the Canning Stock Route and along the West Australian coastline, through Margaret River, across South Australia and into Victoria, where we worked for 5-6 months. Ben is a skipper and I managed to score a deckhand role for another eco-tourism gig.

We intended to travel clockwise around Australia, but as Covid-19 hit, we were put off work early so we headed out to the Victorian High Country. 3 days deep and we rolled our ’89 Troopcarrier, ending that little adventure, and setting us in a different direction. We cruised back from Victoria (after buying a ripper Hilux Ute to do the trick), slowly through South Oz and back into WA. Permits were easy to get approved, and after 2 weeks of self-isolation, we were officially settled back into Karridale.

7 months later and here we are.

2 ducks, 4 ducklings, 21 chickens and 1 little black cat.

We grow veggies. We run a produce stall from our front yard. We work odd jobs in the local region. We renovate every chance we get. We surf, dive and fish every other chance we get. We love it. It’s a whole different lifestyle to what we’re both used to, but with the current state of the world, it’s the perfect lifestyle for us. Living as sustainably as possible, and off the land as much as possible. It’s a total treat, a total blessing, and just another adventure for now.

Keep checking back for some more updates. I’ve re-launched this blog to keep in touch with my family, friends, followers and to share my story. Our story. There’s plenty more to come, plenty of adventure, plenty of stories and plenty of photos. Maybe even a Youtube channel?!

Thanks for the support as always, and if you read this far – you’re a legend.

Keep livin’ xx