Purling Brook Falls, QLD

If you’re looking for a place outdoors where you can clear your head, get some exercise in, and breathe some seriously fresh air at the same time – look no further than Purling Brook Falls. This beautiful spot is apart of the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Gondwana Rainforest in Springbrook National Park and boasts one of the most magnificent waterfalls I’ve come across so far in this area.

Pop on some good walking shoes, take some snacks, and of course, pack your swimmers, because fortunately, you’re still allowed to frolick in this baby! There’s plenty of spots that have been cut off from public use around these regions, due to people disrespecting nature. So be mindful of this natural beauty and remember to take any rubbish with you when you leave. This will ensure we can continue to marvel at her up close in the future.

The hike for Purling Brook Falls is a 4km circuit with 265 steps. It it suggested to allow approximately 2 hours for this hike, however that depends on how often you stop for lizards crossing your path, and to admire the other beautiful views and smaller falls along the way. Before you begin, I’d also recommend taking the little 100m walk to the main lookout, so you can see the falls from atop. It really puts things into perspective once you’ve seen it from a few angles.

The hike is relatively easy and is great in warmer weather, as the rainforest stays quite cool throughout the day. The water will also remain fairly icy, as it’s extremely fresh, and (most of the time) flowing quite heavily.

Take your time once you get to the falls. There’s plenty to check out, and even though you’ll no doubt want to snap a million videos and photos, try to chill out and listen, and absorb it all without being behind a lens. Or get those swimmers out and dive in for a refreshing dip! Warm weather or not, this will 100% liven you up for the hike back, and clear your head of any negativity for the day! Nature has that affect on people.


If you are going to skip around on some of the rocks, and explore closer to the falls, ensure you be careful with your footing! The rocks can be ridiculously slippery, and a little gust of wind could end in a painful or embarrassing landing for you.

Depending on recent weather happenings, the track may or may not be blocked off for access across the suspension bridge. If it is blocked, you will need to walk back up the 265 steps the same way you came in. Remember, it’s GREAT exercise, and beats the stair machine at the gym, so don’t go complaining too much!

If you’re keen for a further hike however, and not one to worry about distances, check out the Warringa Pools, which is another 2km down along the same track. I’m yet to visit here, but will update you all on it once I do! Apparently it’s very peaceful.

I’m on a mission to explore some other great waterfalls and hikes this year, so will make sure I give you some feedback on them as I go. Any recommendations on hikes throughout NSW / QLD, let me know! My explorer mode is switched on, and I’m ready for some new adventures.


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