Back in Byron Bay

“Cheer up, slow down, chill out” are the words you see when you enter the Byron Bay region in New South Wales, Australia. As a passing point for many backpackers, or a getaway zone for families, Byron is a little bubble, and very much a world of its own.

I was lucky enough to be sent for a night away to Discovery Parks Byron Bay, and given the opportunity to experience their beautifully renovated Deluxe 2 Bedroom Cabins. It was a total treat, with the park offering so much more than I expected.


The cabin consists of two bedrooms, one with a queen size bed and the other with two singles. There was a separate bathroom and toilet, a massive lounge area, a beautifully designed kitchen and dining room, and a relaxing balcony overlooking a lake. Each room is also equipped with air-conditioning, which was ideal for the nice warm weather we experienced during our stay.

Honestly though, what more can you possibly need for a weekend away besides a nice room, a top location and good weather? Well maybe bring yourself a bottle of wine – that certainly helped too.

Be sure to spend some time on the beach when you’re visiting Byron, as the water is reasonably refreshing during the summertime. If you manage a day without blue bottles or jellyfish warnings, then get in there!


We enjoyed the afternoon laying out in the sun, taking a quick swim, then driving up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse to watch a beautiful sunset (as I’m a complete sucker for them).

The center of town is only a 5 minute drive, or roughly 30 minutes’ walk along the beach front from Discovery Holiday Parks. There’s a ridiculous number of restaurants to choose from and some great spots to grab some happy hour drinks on the way or in the main street.

The beach and park is also full of life until late at night, with plenty to see and do, so you definitely won’t get bored. Trust me when I tell you that people watching is seriously worth it in this town.

The following morning, we had a nice smooth check-out at 10am. This wasn’t before we took some time to suss out the pool and water park though.

A beautiful spot for relaxation and catching some sun, or the alternative – running amuck on the slides and through the water fountains. There’s something for everyone!


Regardless of whether you’re keen to camp out, stay in a basic room with some mates, or upgrade to one of the fancy cabin’s for the night, get in touch with Discovery Holiday Parks now. They have over 60 parks around Australia, in some absolutely spectacular locations, so that you can explore more than just Byron Bay. You could even hire a car and make your way around to all the parks as a cool way to see Australia!

What’s stopping you? Get in touch with them now.

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