Where is White’s?

You love the beach? You love quiet time? You love places that don’t have massive crowds? Great – me too! If you live near or are travelling around northern New South Wales anytime soon, then this post is for you.

Roughly 20 minutes South of Byron Bay, near Broken Head, you’ll stumble across a little tucked away dirt track. Follow this carefully for approximately 5-10 minutes and you’ll find a car park on the side, with a sign “White’s Beach”. This is where you want to be! I’d suggest heading down early in the morning, to avoid any day visitors. You’ll most likely find a few local surfers that come here, however they’ll usually be too busy out in the surf to fuss about snagging a spot on the beach.

Once you’re parked, grab your gear and head on down the track. It should take you no more than 15 minutes to walk down to the beach from the top, but make sure you’re ready for it. There’s a few dodgy steps, but the views out from the trees overlooking the ocean are worth the sweat-up, and are enough to distract you. Once you’ve hit the last few steps, prepare yourself for your hidden, private oasis. How I had not found this sooner is beyond me!

Once you’ve made your way to the beach front, pull up your towel amongst the ghost crabs (don’t stress, they’ll be too busy trying to fight each other to care much about you). There is a beautiful little cave to the left that will offer some shade, or act as a nice romantic hang-out area if you’d prefer to stay tucked away.

Now get exploring! The water on the East Coast of Australia is usually always clear, and throughout Summer, it sits at extremely refreshing temperatures of approximately 26 degrees Celsius (or 79 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s the absolute perfect temperature for swimming and if you have a board, you’ll find some fairly decent waves here too.

The water is crystal clear, with small pockets to relax in if you’re not keen on the waves so much. Make the most of it while the tide is out, but be sure not to get stuck anywhere once the tide begins to make its way back in. The last thing you want it to be getting thrown around the sharp rocks here. By lunch-time, you might start to see some tourists and more locals making their way to the area for the afternoon, which may be your cue to clear out. Be alert on the dirt roads back to the highway, as they can get a little crazy when they’re crowded.

If you make your way there anytime soon, be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram, so that I can live the relaxation through you again! @aussiearoundtheworld

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